Two is better than one: Two Murders in One Town

Two Murders

Jack and Fiona MacKay lay out all their skills, although widely different, in order to come up with the solid truth behind two shocking murders.


Jack McCormac revisits the Sketching Detective series in its seventh installment, Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders. Set in the town of Bonnie Glen, the husband and wife tandem of Jack and Fiona is tasked to search for the killers behind two crisscross murders.

Fiona’s skills of observation and Jack’s skills in managing the facts bombarded upon them are put to good use, as they come across different characters in different places to sew the pieces of facts together and assist the police in building cases against the right suspects.

The fact that the two detectives differ in personalities prove to be a strong point, because it delivers the right kind of perspective needed in solving the murder cases and in the same vein, it gives its readers a delightful, charming exchange of dispositions.

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