Truths Reveal Bloody Gold

Truths Reveal Bloody Gold

The truth is not a dish conveniently served when it is craved for. It is gold that needs to be dug up from under the deepest soil, such that its discovery brings both surprise and wonder to those who are fortunate enough to have them.


When two accountants who are seemingly related to each other are murdered, all eyes point to the gold they leave behind. In Jack McCormac’s Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders, odd, but amusingly sweet couple, Jack and Fiona MacKay are tasked to fish out the truth behind the murders.

Surely, unravelling the truth doesn’t come easy, so bumps in the road are expected as the MacKay detectives wander from each point  in Bonnie Glen to every other person who may or may not have a connection to the murders. Interesting characters also play huge parts in the investigation, giving the literary atmosphere a humorous approach in the core of the gruelling inquiries.

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