Secret Robbery

The Sketching Detective and the Secret Robbery

by Jack C. McCormac

The thrill of the story was introduced very well and it is really one that allows readers to think on their feet. While the story was readable and enjoyable, there are certain parts of the story that should not have made it to the final cut, as these were deemed unnecessary and they only hurt the progression of the story. Having almost the whole chapter dedicated to sweetgrass baskets or on golf, for example, was done to prolong the story and break the building up of the mystery feel of the story.

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The Sketching Detective and the Secret Robbery

Jack MacKay and his wife, Fiona, take a summer vacation at Edisto Beach, Edisto Island, South Carolina. Two days after arriving at Edisto, a news article retelling how a lone gunman robbed the First Universe Bank and killed an uncooperative bank teller catches their fancy. Before dying, Robert Musgrove confessed that he had robbed and killed the bank teller. The tricky part that all the more makes the couple dig in to the crime is that the self-confessed perpetrator said that he got $110,000, when in fact, the bank had claimed a loss of $600,000. This makes the couple believe that a second robbery occurred right after the first one, without the police knowing.

In one of their frequent walks in the beach, they suddenly uncover the body of a black-haired woman in her twenties, with a three-pronged gig plunged into her back. With the assistance of the authorities, the dead body was identified to be Mrs. Bobbie Mainwaring, a native of Charleston. From there, Fiona volunteers their services to the authorities in helping find who the murderer is. The husband of the identified victim immediately asked to see the body of his wife, but much to everyone’s surprise, he manifests that the found body was not his wife. Later, it would be discovered that the victim’s name is Martha Ulmer, a secretary for an insurance agency in Walterboro, South Carolina.

As the couple began their investigation on the death of Martha Ulmer and on the whereabouts of Bobbie Mainwaring, they would find out that the latter worked at the First Universe Bank at the time of the robberies and murder.

They plan out a trip to Mainwaring Island in order to search for Mrs. Mainwaring. They found her somewhat bedraggled and mosquito bitten. It is after loosening up to the couple and to Lt. Seabrook that she began to tell her story. While jogging one day in the beach, she witnessed Martha Ulmer falling face down near her, with a man behind her who had stuck the gig in her back, warning Bobbie that this incident should make her shut up.

Upon returning to Edisto, Bobbie was made to take on a disguise to ensure her safety --- dyeing her hair blonde and going by the name of Rachel Golightly.

Several searches were conducted in the bank, with the consent of its president, Mr. James Rivers, to put the pieces together and find the missing amount of money supposedly taken during the robbery.

A memory about holes made Bobbie remember an important incident involving the bank’s president, Mr. Rivers. She remembers seeing Rivers take off the ends of the handles of two or three tennis racquets and how the latter seemed embarrassed and upset upon her seeing him do this. Because of this, the couple heads back to the bank to investigate one more time, this time with Mr. Rivers not being too happy with their intrusion. The caps on the ends of each of Mr. River’s racquets came off and indeed contained the missing money.

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