Missing Woman

The Sketching Detective and the Missing Women

by Jack C. McCormac

Deception was brilliantly used in this book, and the way the twists and turns were introduced was good enough to keep the pace of the story running. The way the characters was built up also added to the thrill and entertainment of the story. Golf, being used as another filler, however, seemed to be repetitious, especially among avid readers of the Sketching Detective series. Although the desire to provide information is laudable, the verbosity could sometimes make the readers feel a bit too sated on the subject, that the novel could lose its progression.

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The Sketching Detective and the Missing Women

News about missing young women in the nearby town of Mountain City catches the attention of Jack and Fiona Mackay, through their old friend, Fat Joe Reynolds. They were called in to assist Fat Joe’s friend, chief of police of Mountain City, Bob Johnson, in finding out what happened to the missing women.

All three women, Jill Brand, Anabel Kedge, and Becky Bowers, worked for a local dating service in the city, before their disappearance. But before moving to Mountain City, all of them coincidentally worked for a local dating service in Memphis.
A fourth woman, Mrs. Delilah Parks, had also disappeared in Mountain City, but appeared to have no connection to the three other women, except that she had met her husband, Ted, in Memphis.
Mrs. Parks was then found out to have a striking resemblance with a certain Donna Grant, who previously worked for the Memphis dating service. Upon interviewing Ted Parks, it would be revealed that Delilah and Donna are one and the same person.

Outside Ted’s mountain house, where the MacKay couple were invited to stay, Jack finds a can that is almost full of $20 and $100 bills totalling over a $100,000. A certain Mabel Neumann visited the mountain house, thinking that Ted would be there.

The MacKays find out later that eighteen months ago, a bank robbery in downtown Memphis occurred, in which two masked robbers absconded with almost $500,000 with majority of the money being composed of $20 and $100 bills.

Mabel is then revealed to be Delilah/Donna. She admits to deceiving them, as she was afraid that the three other girls would come after her, after she heard them arguing about the amount of money they each received for participating in the robbery. In the process of her hiding and in continuing the search for the perpetrator who killed the girls, Delilah goes into another disguise, this time as Jack’s mother.

In the course of the investigation, three bodies are later found in the White Cliff Cemetery near Ted’s Mountain house. Two of them happened to be two of the missing girls.

A small young man was discovered to have been looking for Delilah, with a seeming resemblance with Jill, as determined by the policewomen assigned to guard Delilah. Upon being certain that it is Jill who perpetrated the crimes, an entrapment was conducted, with Ted being used as a decoy. Indeed, it was Jill disguised as a young man. She would later admit that she killed Anabel and Becky and stole another girl’s body from a mortuary and buried all of them.

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