Murders, Truths, and the Connecting the Dots in Between


Each day, murderous mayhems turn up and the news picks them up daily to be part of our television routines. Particularly in small towns, everyone gets involved in everything related to the killings. In the seventh installment of the Sketching Detective series, two individuals become tasked to search for the truth behind deaths of two prominent men.


Jack McCormac’s Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders is set in the town of Bonnie Glen, the home of Jack and Fiona MacKay. In the midst of a regular holiday, a surprising twist leads the couple into having the need to find what most would call as the bloody truth. Bloody, as you know, because it involves a lot of blood --- and, well, dead bodies. The couple exhausts all efforts in assisting the cops in finding the culprits behind two apparently connected murders, and in the process, continue to rediscover more about each other.

Set in the tone of Jack’s MacKay’s narrative, the writing of the novel not only attempts to make a thrill out of two mysterious deaths, but in the same way, attaches classic humour and marital inspiration in the characters of its detectives. The story is likewise told in a vivid manner, much to the delight of enthusiastic readers, as it goes from chapter to chapter in a verbose manner.

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