• The Sketching Detective and the Missing Women

    Jack McCormac does it again! As a follow-up to his first book, The Sketching Detective, McCormac delivers a fresh batch of his signature brand of wit in The Sketching Detective and the Missing Women. University professor and avid golfer Jack McKay is approached again by Fat Joe, the police chief of Bonnie Glen, the small golfing

    community where Jack and his feisty, redheaded wife Fiona live. Four young women in a neighboring mountain town have mysteriously disappeared out of thin air. Jack is hesitant to take on the case due to his own laziness, the potential danger to his lovely yet mistrustful Fiona, and because of a previous case of a missing showgirl that almost cost him his marriage... but Fionas eyes sparkle at the prospect of solving another mystery, and she begins immediately planning their summer in Mountain

    City. Jack employs his crafty, unconventional sketching tactic to try to solve the case, and he meets many humorous twists and turns as he and Fiona gently bend the law, getting a little too close to the case and sometimes putting themselves at risk. McCormacs riotous charm will leave readers of all ages laughing out loud as they follow Jack along his mishap-ridden adventures, and the solution to the mystery of the missing women is as delightfully intricate as it is surprising.

    The Sketching Detective and the Missing Women

  • The Sketching Detective and Murder in the Highlands   Jack McCormac is back. In a unique twist on the mystery genre, McCormac once again reveals his talent for using sketches and a distinct style to tell the tale of murder. In the third installment of the Sketching Detective series, The Sketching Detective and Murder in the Highlands, Jack McKay, a civil engineering professor, travels to

    Scotland for a well-deserved sabbatical with his mystery loving wife Fiona. Jack is hopeful that he will pick up some of the penny pinching habits of his Scottish ancestors and play a few rounds of his favorite sport, golf. Soon after arriving in Scotland, Jack and Fiona read a newspaper article describing the murder of Mr. Robert Menzies and the theft of his extensive yellow diamond collection in the town of Aberfeldy. Next, the duo meets their old friend Angus McCleod, whose fiancé Lorna

    McDonald has been accused of the murder. She also stands to inherit most of the large estate. Now the precious diamonds are missing and Lorna is the only suspect. At the request of Angus and with the permission of the Aberfeldy police department, Jack and Fiona begin their newest investigation. Their detective work takes them all over Scotland, traveling through the valleys and the Highlands. Intertwined with leads, Jack visits the engineering feats of Scotland, as well as classic Scottish sites

    such as Loch Ness and Loch Lomond. Each town is masterfully described as Jack seems to be an endless source of fascinating historical tidbits and interesting facts. But after their prime suspect turns up murdered, it becomes obvious that the killer is not in possession of the diamonds. Desperate, the murderer resorts to ransacking apartments and kidnapping. As the danger mounts, it becomes a race against time to find the diamonds before the killer does.

    The Sketching Detective and Murder in the Highlands

  • The Sketching Detective and the Secret Robbery

    Jack McCormac delivers his signature wit in a new Sketching Detective mystery. This time, Jack McKay and his wife Fiona are headed to Edisto Island, South Carolina. As always, mystery and murder follow them to the delightful beach community. Jack has the strong opinion that the Edisto Beach officials should place the following sign at

    the entrance to the island. WARNING DANGER The United States Government warns people visiting this area of the danger of theft. This island may very well steal your heart. Soon after their arrival in Edisto Island, Jack and Fiona read about the deathbed confession of a bank robber in the newspaper. The thief held up the First Universe Bank in Charleston a year before and got away with 110,000 dollars. The problem was, the bank claimed that they had lost 600,000 dollars from that robbery. The

    bank auditors had confirmed that the bank was short the larger amount, but the missing 490,000 put Charleston in an uproar. A few days later, Jack and Fiona stumble over a murdered woman on the beach, buried under a sand castle with a flounder gig stuck in her back. With the permission of the local police, Fiona rushes headlong into the mystery, dragging a reluctant Jack behind her. The victim is identified as Bobbie Mainwaring because of a missing persons report filed later that day. John

    Mainwaring, her husband, travels to Edisto to claim the body only to find out that the dead woman is not his wife. So, who was the murder victim? And where is Bobbie? The two cases are soon connected through Bobbie and her past. Between performing the Edisto crouch and practicing the geechee language, Jack and Fiona struggle to solve a year old robbery and the murder of someone who might have known too much.

    The Sketching Detective and the Secret Robbery

  • Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders

    A Halloween contest takes a surprising turn when one of its witches is revealed to be an actual murdered body. Husband and wife, Jack and Fiona MacKay, wear their detective hats to search for its perpetrator, only to later on discover another murdered corpse. The connections between

    the crisscross murders lead the small-town detectives to the truth, not only behind the deaths, but also behind the faces of the personalities that caused them. Raw, insightful, thrilling, and passionate. Jack McCormac’s Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders is the seventh installment to the Sketching Detective series, brilliantly exploring and delivering the various facets of solving murders, with a touch of classic humour and witty repartees, in the

    exhilarating adventures and the peculiarity of the MacKay detectives.

    Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders

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