Crisscross Murders Call for Crisscross Detectives


The dynamics between the MacKay detectives in Jack McCormac’s latest venture offers an interesting face into what working marriages are like, on top of going through the crazy ins and outs of murder investigations.


The beauty of Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders is that it does not only deal with the typical plots of murder investigations, but also delves on more relatable subject matter such as the beautiful partnership of married couple, Jack and Fiona MacKay.  The differences between its main protagonists prove not to be a liability, but a definite asset into solving two murders that occurred in their town.

Fiona’s persistence and Jack’s introversion complement each other, thus making their journey towards the truth full of easy, light, and sweet banters. But the whole of it does not just bank on their partnership, but also highlights shocking and even frustrating revelations that together build plots and twists behind the crisscross murders.

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