Bright Light Consumes the Darkness


Wit and sensibility come in handy with the murderous plots surrounding the town of Bonnie Glen in Jack McCormac’s seventh installment of the Sketching Detective series.


Small town mysterious deaths take the spotlight in Fetching Fiona and the Sketching Detective Solve the Crisscross Murders, as the reluctant Jack Mackay leads the search for the perpetrators and teams up with his wife, Fiona, whose observation skills could give most detectives a run for their money.

Dead body disguised as a witch in time for Halloween opens the journey of the MacKays, unknowingly making it just the beginning of a thrill which Fiona would be so fascinated with. Interestingly, the general feel of McCormac’s narrative deviates from the seemingly dark thread it is supposed to tackle, by incorporating in it the light and humorous dynamics between its lead characters. It veers away from the stereotype by making the entire journey of the MacKays full of thought-provoking circumstances coupled with graceful exchange of banters.

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